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State of Apple Watch Bands.

Every Apple Watch band Apple released.
State of Apple Watch bands. Preview of the multi-page chart. State of Apple Watch bands. Preview of the multi-page chart. Preview of the multi-page chart (v3.0).

You're passionate about Apple Watch bands?
There's a chart for that.

The chart includes every Apple Watch band Apple —and its official partners Nike and Hermès— released since April 2015. More than 550 bands are organized by type and color, with information about its release date and model numbers added to a high-res image of the band.

Version 4.00; September 12, 2022


PDF; ~ 10 MB
1098 mm x 3892 mm (1 page)
The links will open an external site. Gumroad is an online platform for creators.
Further updates will be available in a reasonable time after new bands are announced or released.
Download high-res previews of the charts (v3.1);
ZIP, 4,4 MB

The chart is available to download at Gumroad.
"The whole thing (is) aesthetically pleasing. I just want to scroll
and stare all day long."
Callum Booth,
Writer at The Next Web

"It's just beautiful. It looks like something
Apple would do themselves."
Tom Gates,
Host and producer of The Apple WatchCast Podcast

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